SAP Case Studies

Mobile Application for the SAP APO Alert Monitor


The SAP APO Alert Monitor is the central tool to monitor exceptions on the planning processes of SAP Advanced Planning System.

In the Alert Monitor users start by configuring their profiles with the subset of products and planning processes they want to monitor. Then they are able to follow up on the exception messages raised by the planning processes for their subset of information, without having to check every process result log.

The mobile application for the Alert Monitor enables the display of the same information in any mobile device that supports HTML5 (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and others). The information is retrieved directly from the Netweaver server using a REST interface with no need of any middleware.

With this mobile application planners can easily follow-up exceptions on their processes while being away from their SAPGUI workstation.


Developed in ABAP and HTML5 as an AddOn for SAP SCM