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Enjoy a healthy game within your organization or with friends and family with Walkon

Walkon home page

Set your exercise goal and use a pedometer to track your daily walking steps or enter the time spent in your favourite daily exercise routine, and use Walkon as an online logbook to track your progress through your virtual journey.

Data entry form
With Walkon you just define your course using Google Maps and set the start and end dates. The number of steps or time spent in a exercise activity will be converted to distance in km and you can view your progress directly on the map.

Competition map
You can check you fare against the competition through a wide range of charts and statistics.


Walkon is extremely customizable: define your profile, include an avatar, and customize the look of the application, conversion tables for distances according to activity type.


Walkon is developed in Python and Django and is a Google App Engine (GAE) application.